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A&BB Railroad Historic Archive

The Akron Barberton Belt Railroad Historic Archive is dedicated to recording and sharing the history of Barberton, Ohio’s little railroad, the Akron & Barberton Belt – predecessor to the Wheeling and Lake Erie’s Akron Barberton Cluster Railway. Because the true history of the A&BB RR cannot be separated from the history of the communities, businesses and people it served, our work includes historical information surrounding this railroad.

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Rockcut, Norton, Ohio


Rockcut was the only real geological obstacle between Barberton and Rittman for the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad to overcome. When first constructed, the line used a non-standard 6-foot gauge. As the years went on

Woman killed under CA&C Train , Barberton, Ohio

Woman Crushed by a C.A.&C. Freight Train

In industrial towns of the early 1900, death by train was not an uncommon event. The area near Barberton’s Diamond Match factory was busy with main line freight and passenger traffic as well as the switching

Akron & Barberton system map from 1915.

A&BB Railroad Map

Union Station, Akron, Ohio

Akron’s Union Station

Akron’s Union station sat between Market Street and Park Street on the western side of the tracks. It served travelers on the B&O, Erie, and Pennsylvania Railroads. For more great Akron Postcard images visit the

Virtual Tour to Rittman

Follow the A&BB from Barberton to Rittman The terminus of the A&BB heading west along the former Conrail-Erie line is at Rittman, Ohio. Follow the tracks from Barberton, through Norton (Rockcut), Wadsworth and ending at