Cleveland, Akron and Columbus

CA&C Station

Located at Tuscarawas Ave (Barberton’s Main Street) this station was demolished in 1940.

The station was built by the Cleveland Akron & Columbus Railroad as a replacement to its New Portage Station. In its latter days is served as a passenger station for both the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) and Pennsylvania (PRR) Railroads.

In 1912 this station was the site of a visit by Teddy Roosevelt.  The Rough Rider was greeted by 5,000 citizens as well as town founder O.C.Barber.

The structure sat idle after the two roads moved the ticket and passenger waiting areas to the nearby freight station. The destruction of the red brick station made way for an enlarged parking lot.

The CA&C station was one of the earliest buildings erected in Barberton.

CA&C Tower

Located at Tuscarawas Ave (before the addition of the Viaduct), this structure existed on the North side of the CA&C Barberton Station and would latter be replaced by a single story REA building.

Erie Railroad

Passenger Depot

In 1890 the Erie Railroad constructed its 4th Street station at milepost 634. The depot had a separate waiting room for men and unescorted women.  The only heat in the building came from a wood burning stove in the station masters office. The first image was taken c. 1909 and the second c. 1965

In 1890 the station employed 20 people.

Pennsylvania – Baltimore & Ohio

Freight/Passenger Station

Location: near Second Street and the Tuscarawas Ave. Viaduct.

Details: After the closing of the old CA&C passenger station the freight station was used to house the ticket office and passenger waiting area for both the Pennsylvania (PRR) and the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroads.

The eighty year old facility which served both the PRR and the B&O was burned to the ground by the railroads in September of 1965.

During the demolition workers found a waybill that dated to 1885.

Pennsylvania Tower

Block Station

Located at mile post 20.6 was an interlocking/block station known as BN. The station had no interlocking directly outside its windows. Instead BN controlled LAMBERT (near Kenmore) interlocking 2.2 miles northeast.

Railroad Express Agency


The Railway Express Agency Office and Depot was located between the old CA&C passenger station and original Tuscarawas Ave. Viaduct (Barberton’s Main Street). This was the former site of the CA&C’s switch tower.