Pictures from the Magic City

In 1882, the established farms of the Tuscarawas River Valley in Norton Township were experiencing a transformation. The rural way of life was giving way to one of industry, commerce and crowded streets. The Village of Barberton was officially established in 1891, and within two short years the landscape had so dramatically changed that one reporter said it appeared to grow by magic. Barberton has since been known as the Magic City.

  • Barberton, OhioTuscarawras Avenue Looking West

Although it faced many setbacks, Barberton continued its magical growth well into the 20th century.  Then, in the 1970s, as the entire nation began deindustrializing, the magic began to fade. Barberton and its residents struggled for many years to recover from the economic disaster.

Barberton History Postcards

The following collection of postcards and pictures it a tribute to the glory years of this magical city

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