Date Event Details
1889 Barberton and Southern Railroad Company formed Merged into the A&BB in 1905
1890 Erie depot is constructed on 4th street.
1891 The Barberton Belt Line Railroad Company Merged into the A&BB in 1902
1891 First reported death involving a Barberton area railroad. David Clark was killed in New Portage when he was struck by a freight train.
1891 CA&C train struck a farm cart Only a slight amount of damage to the train was recorded.
1891 NYP&O derailment
1891 Dec B&O derailment Coal car
1893 Dead Baby found on rails Unidentified baby was found by Erie railroad employees. The case was labeled as murder.
1900 Oyster Express Sent through by the B&O, the Oyster Express completed a record trip of 728 miles in just 20 hours.
1901 The Barberton, Akron and Eastern Railway Company formed Merged into the A&BB in 1902
1901 The Barberton, Akron and Eastern Railway Company formed Merged into the A&BB in 1902
1910, Nov 18 Train Collision An Akron-Wadsworth Trolley (NOT&L) collided with an A.&B.B.R.R. train at Tuscarawas Road. There were twenty six passengers on the trolley but only four injuries were reported. The trolley hit a boxcar carrying Barber Matches. The trolley was reported to have turned over.
1912 Presidential Visit Teddy Roosevelt’s train stopped near Downtown at the C.A.&C. station. Five thousand people were in attendance.
1915 Liberty Bell The famed Liberty Bell traveled through Barberton on its way to Cleveland.
1920 ? Moby Dick A fifty-five foot sixty-eight ton whale sat at the Erie freight depot on Fourth Street. The whale was a traveling exhibit and was open to the public twenty-four hours a day for several days. The oder from its rotting carcass was reported to have lasted even after it went on its way.
1923, Aug 07 Funeral Train President Warren Harding’s funeral train made a stop in Barberton in route to Washington D.C.
1927, Mar Candy Worlds largest shipment of candy passed through town. Ten boxcars containing 2,000,000 candy bars (400,000 pounds)
1940 Demolition Pennsylvania passenger station (former Cleveland, Akron & Columbus) was torn down.
1947, Aug 01 First Diesel Electric The first of Erie’s Diesel Electric Passenger locomotives passed through Barberton.
1951, Apr 29 Derailment An Erie passenger train traveling at 60 mph struck an Ohio National Guard Tank, at Fairview Ave., killing four.
1984 $140,000 Grant A.&B.B. receives 140,000 dollars from the state government for improvements.
1986 1.4 million for improvements A.&B.B. receives 1.4 million dollars from the federal government for improvement to rail yards in Akron and Rittman.
1988 Derailment One crew member dies on a CSX freight train when his train collided with another near Snyder Ave.
1994 ABC A&BB is sold to ABC for $1,000,000.00