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Barberton History

We’ve expanded our Barberton history pages. Read about world renowned artist Joseph Kikham and his Art Tile works, enjoy pictures from the Ultra-High Voltage lab built on the former Anna Dean Farm, and be sure to view the gallery of Creedmoor Cartridge product boxes.

More to come!


Akron History Blog

Be sure to visit Mr. Ed’s local history blogs.  We’ve added a  link to the footer of our site. Ed’s expanding collections of historic pictures and stories are well worth a visit. We are excited to share this great resources with you. –

Expanded Content

We’ve been working hard to update and expand the histories of the Akron & Barberton Belt’s predecessors. Currently we are working on the Barberton, Akron & Eastern Railway. Our history content for this road has been updated and expanded, with more to come. If you have additions or corrections, please send them our way.
View the expanded content.

New Post

Lear how the Barberton Belt line helped Barberton celebrate mass at the city’s first church. Barberton Belt Line Goes To Church