ABB 4302

ABB 4302 at 2nd Street facility.

Number Make Model Builder Number Build Date Service Time Unit History
4302 EMD/MK GP7u 14576 09/1951 07/1982-10/1982** ew WV 4102/402 – P&LE 1530

The 4302 began service as NYC (P&LE) 5679 then existed as P&LE 1530. The unit was rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen (12-1979) as a GP7u and was renumbered 4102. The unit then went to the Wabash Valley Railroad (WVRD) returned to M-K and received a chopped nose. Then it was back to the WVRD as number 4302. The MKCX lease unit worked its way to the A&BB (3-1981) after the closing of the WVRD. It worked on the A&BB for about a year (7-1982) and then sat in the Barberton Yard for storage before heading back to MKCX. The unit would eventually find itself as CWRL 4302.

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